Reliable sealing compound


Synthetic compound used for sealing outdoor and underground electrical cable boxes, pipes or cable wall inlets (conduits) for telecommunication cables, as well as hollow spaces against penetration of moisture, standing water and running ground water leaks.

It is characterized by high adhesion to concrete, metal and plastic surfaces. It does not change its properties throughout the period of use - it does not crack, delaminate or even harden.

It does not contain substances hazardous to health and the environment - approved by the National Institute of Hygiene.


  • Sealing and filling outdoor and underground electrical cable boxes, electrical and telecommunication installations, conduits in lagging and protective pipes, etc.

  • Sealing and filling outdoor or underground hollow spaces of pipes or cable wallinlets against moisture, pressurised or standing water.

  • Any other section that need to be sealed and protected against water and corrosion.

NOTE: Before application product should be preheated to a temperature of 30 ÷ 40°C.

Features & Advantages

Does not harden, remains permanently flexible and elastic

Fills and seals hollow spaces against water and moisture

High adhesion to concrete, ceramic, metal and plastic surfaces

Safe - does not contain components hazardous to humans and the environment (PZH Certificate)

Easy and fast application
The compound is re-usable

100% waterproof

Wide temperature range: -15 to 50°C

Cross resistivity 1.4 x 10¹² Ωm (EN-06043-1, IEC 60250)

Dielectric properties

cartridge 310 ml
by a caulking gun
for tubes 310 ml